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almost 3 years ago

Sneak Peek at the Challenges

The Cologne GDST Seafood Trackathon just 2 weeks away, here is a sneak peek at some of the challenges that we will be addressing:

  • TUNA VESSEL RFMO AND IMO VERIFICATION: App for corroborating tuna vessels’ identity as well as the time and locations of fishing
  • EPCIS DATA SANITISER: An application for converting EPCIS events into sanitized or truncated data structures for testing purposes
  • KDE (CBV) CONFORMITY TOOL: A portal for testing the CBV/KDE conformity and completeness of test EPCIS events
  • EXTRA HARVEST MARKETPLACE: A marketplace for fishers & farmers to advertise portions of their harvest directly to consumers which was undesired by commercial buyers
  • PATH TO MARKET OPTIMIZER: A way of visualizing the route that seafood products take from EPCIS events to calculate more optimal routes in distance and time.
  • FISHERIES APP SUPPORT: A mechanism for in-app technical support to guide fishers utilizing fisheries data collection apps
  • CATCH AREA TOKENIZATION: A way of demonstrating proof that GPS coordinates from a fishing trip were published to a government validator and an indelible indication whether the validator scrutinized the coordinates


More detailed challenge statements to follow before the hackathon. For questions and comments get in touch with me, Nathan @ nathan.droesch(at)